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Large Led Display Board For Eye Catching Communication

Visual communication of messages has come along way over the ages. The humble flag has been around for years and is still used today as a method of communication.

Technology has moved on significantly and a large led display board can now communicate so much more. In this article we will consider applications of a large led display board.

It must be noted though that in wet, salty extreme weather environments a flag is still has its place.

Large Led Display Board For Eye Catching Communication

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Large Led Display Board Applications

We have identified four main applications for using a large led display board, there are probably many more.

Health and Safety displays

A large led display board for use on health and safety displays can provide a clear and importantly dynamic way of showcasing safety messages. The beauty being they don’t have to be text based you could use simple icons as well. Common messages to be displayed on a manufacturing site could be the number of incident free days, or if any special health and safety protocols should be followed

Site Entrances

On large multi entrance sites using a large led display board on each entrance means that you can customise the access information dynamically. If you were a university on graduation day you could welcome visitors and direct them to the relevant parking. Driving past a large air base recently I noticed that all traffic was required to use a single entrance and this was communicated on the other entrances avoiding delays and additional communication.

Promotional Messaging

A large led display board is a great device for delivering high impact messaging whether it is on a single line or multiple line display. The large LED boards could either be fixed directly to scaffolding to allow it a prominent position. Or for more permanent applications enclosed in a purpose built enclosure that incorporates the organisations branding.


The high impact and eye catching of an LED sign means that they are great for conveying safety and transportation messages. We have probably all seen the LED signs within a bus station / bus stop
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