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Is Your Website Legally Compliant

Information That Must Appear On Your Website

Most companies, businesses or organisations have a website some which have been developed very recently others that were built many years ago.

Irrespective of the age of your website there is information that should legally appear on your website.

Is Your Website Legally Compliant

For all operators

  1. The name of the service provider – this may seem like a very basic requirement that every business would comply with. we conducted a quick search of the web and identified numerous sites where it was really difficult (if not impossible) to easily identify the name of the service provider
  2. Geographical address. Your website should feature an actual physical / geographical address.
  3. All the necessary contact details for a customer / person to make contact with you. These need to include
    • E mail Address
    • Electronic enquiry template through which the consumer can contact the service provider and they can reply by e mail
  4. If you charge VAT for your products or services then the VAT registration number should be shown
  5. If the provision of the service is subject to an authorisation scheme, then details of the relevant supervisory authority e.g. FCA, RICS
  6. For those companies with a turnover of over £36 million a modern slavery act / slavery and human trafficking statement is required

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For all companies

  1. Registered name
  2. The part of the UK in which the company is registered
  3. Registered number
  4. Registered office address
  5. If exempt from obligation to use the word “limited” the fact that it is a limited company
  6. If a community interest company that it is not a public company, the fact that it is a limited company
  7. If it is an investment company, the fact that it is one
  8. Additional information required in insolvency
  9. Additional information if professionally regulated

The above information is a good start. If you are selling online then there is further information required. This will be covered in the next article.

Is Your Website Legally Compliant

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