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Is Marketing Training Beneficial To Businesses

Is Marketing Training a good use of time?

An observation

  • Over the past couple of years I have noticed a significant increase in the number of FREE ‘marketing related’ training events that are available.
  • A continued de valuing perception within companies in relation to marketing activities
  • Non professional / Non expert delivery relating to critical marketing issues
  • People using training events as a mechanism to sell specific marketing products –
    • Social Media Services
    • Graphic Design
    • Branding
    • Advertising
    • Print, radio and web etc
  • In summary events purporting to offer training but in fact just providing a platform to sell
  • These training events on marketing are possibly not a good use of time
Marketing Training

What Constitutes Useful Marketing Training

Having been involved in marketing for over 20 years and been fortunate to watch some truly great marketing professionals deliver some great marketing training. Marketing professionals such as Professor Malcolm Mcdonald, Nigel Piercey, Robert Craven, Bob Hogg, Joe Polish, Richard Groom, Mike Koenigs, Howie Jacobson, Paul Fifiled you leave an event

  • With practical nuggets of wisdom that you can apply immediately
  • With knowledge born out of sound research or thorough implementation within industry
  • With questions in your mind as to how you can apply this ‘marketing’ wisdom
  • Remembering that you don’t know , what you don’t know
  • That business is developing rapidly and you need to be constantly learning and adapting to keep pace

What to look out for from training

  • Is it being UK delivered by practical knowledgeable CIM qualified people
  • Does it provide the opportunity for a formal CIM marketing qualification  (whether its introductory certificate, professional certificate, or professional diploma)
  • Will it provide you with a good return on investment (either cost or time)
  • Will you leave with a series of nuggets / actions that you can apply into your business
  • Will it challenge your perceptions, thoughts and overcome the don’t know challenges

Looking for training that will improve the performance of your employees

Marketing Ability LLP deliver CIM accredited training in Peterborough, Norwich and Watford at certificate and diploma levels.
If you have staff who are performing sales / marketing roles but have no experience the Introductory Certificate provides an invaluable professional first step up the marketing ladder.
If you have employees who have been performing marketing roles for some time but who have no formal marketing qualifications then the professional certificate in marketing provides a valuable insight into the bigger picture of marketing.
If you have talented staff who are marketing professionals and would welcome a professional challenge through training that provides assignments based around the workplace then the professional diploma  could be appropriate.

Training in Marketing

If you would like more information on practical training in marketing including our marketing stimulation sessions then click here Andrew Goode at Blue Dolphin on 01733 361729 .  If you would like more information on professional marketing services click here

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