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Investors In Environment Green Award

Investors In Environment Green Accreditation Gained

The Environment Our Story

Over the last 12 months we have been working with the really helpful team from Investors in the Environment (iiE) to achieve the top level green accreditation award.
We are a marketing consultancy, that have environmental values, who thought that the opportunity of iiE accredited wasn’t an option.  Clearly after talking through the options with the investors in environment team at PECT,  here we are with a Green Award sitting proudly on our office wall.  Now, Blue Dolphin has a part in contributing to the Environment and the future – showing that regardless of your organisations size you can make a valuable contribution.

The Process

The actual process for us was pretty straight forward the iiE team are on hand with templates to guide you through processes and importantly are on hand for ideas and inspiration – helping that small office environment have a little of fun that the larger organisations are involved with…

Investors Leading to a More Sustainable Future

Our environment journey started with an invite from the iiE investors team – to one of their many workshops.  The workshops are interactive and informative, the greatest benefit is the ability to share stories and ideas with other like minded companies in an informal atmosphere.  I know most of us feel that completing the paper work and logging data a little bit dull at times, I made my templates a little bit more fun -so we can see where we are making progress in achieving our targets…Once all the data is logged, for us it is a case monitoring and rewarding your chosen schemes. Whether it be in your local area to source recycled printer cartridges or planting trees in the community, it all helps to build a sustainable future.
For more information on Investings in Environment and other marketing initiatives click here . To see how you could improve your marketing and avoid green wash contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing professional

Investors In Environment
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