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Internet marketing tips for small businesses

Internet marketing tips for small business websites

1. Keeping Google happy

  • Make sure your content is fresh – when was the last time you added some new content?
  • Ensure you have incoming links
  • Stickability – what will make a customer stay on your site

2. Do one thing but benefit twice

  • Articles – provide fresh content and the opportunity for links
  • Videos – provide the oppotrtunity for links and importantly conversion

3. Make sure you submit articles

  • A good article should be informative (not self promotion) and approximately 500 words long
  • It should hopefully have a long life
  • Great article topics include
    • things you must know / avoid
    • reasons for choosing
    • Biggest mistakes
Internet marketing tips for small businesses

4. Ezine articles

  • – set yourself up as an author
  • Write an article and submit  to
  • Modify say a bullet point – put on your website and “Fresh content”

5. Video – we now watch more video on the web than we watch TV

  • Video is a great medium so why not create a video of a happy customer
  • A video of a before and after experience
  • Your product in action
  • Remember – if a picture paints a 1,000 words, a video is about 10,000
  • Windows movie maker is great for editing, You Tube is great for hosting

Internet marketing tips for small businesses

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