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Internet marketing – 4 step approach

The following 4 step approach seems to summarise the e commerce and internet marketing process.

1. Build your mailing list –

Seems easy but how are you going to do it effectively. In our experience clients who have purchased e mail lists have regretted it. For us quality is everything in the list. better to have 500 quality people in teh list than 5000 randoms.

2. Build relationships –

Just like allot of marketing its all about TRUST. So what can you do to start the process of building a relationship. If you were going on a date you wouldn’t ask your partner for marriage straight away. We find that with many on line sites the suppliers are asking for an order to soon. We have no relationship and no trust, which makes us suspicious. We have a variety of approaches that we use with clients to help them build on line relationships with their prospects.

3. Sell product & services

Ultimately for many online businesses we only start to generate cash once we have sold something. So ultimately we need to be selling products / services. Now there are two schools of thought, one is that you need to be laser focused with your product offering i.e. You only sell small left hand widgets. the other approach is that with a wider range you have the ability to up sell and cross sell.

4. Enable others to sell for you

Now this is the interesting part. What is the opportunity to get others to help sell our products or services? What if suddenly there were another 1000 people looking to help us sell?

Internet marketing – 4 step approach

If you would like to know more about increasing the numbers of people who can promote your product or service on the web then contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or click here. For more information and news on digital marketing click here

Internet marketing – 4 step approach Blue Dolphin Business Development Website Design Peterborough
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