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Innovative Thinking In Peterborough

Innovative Thinking – An Alternative Way To Doing Something Traditional

Innovative Thinking – A Great Idea by Tommy Walsh

I recently attended a construction event where Tommy Walsh (of various TV building fame) presented some of his views on the issues of construction. I must say I was really impressed with his innovative thinking and overall fantastic marketing approach to the problems. Below are some of what I thought were great innovation and marketing nuggets

  • Language – What you call something impacts of what people perceive – so
    • Council housing as was, Public housing is a very necessary mechanism to provide people with a roof over their head. So what do we call it, Affordable Housing or Social Housing both of which carry a stigma
    • So is there a better way of labelling public housing?
  • Specification – what you offer
    • in broadest terms private housing offers the lowest delivery specification whilst trying to achieve the highest profit
    • whilst public housing with all its controls delivers over expensive, housing of the incorrect format
    • can housing be developed that would be suitable for both public and private consumption
  • Building houses that can be environmentally friendly and sustainable
    • With a massive shortage of housing are their opportunities to build them in a different way that would meet the needs of customers and environment better
    • Tommy recently completed a project to build a new form of housing for £60,000 in 60 days. To achieve this he had to do things differently as existing building methods and techniques wouldn’t have allowed this
Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking

  • Some of the innovation ideas included
    • Future proofing the house
      • allowing space in the roof for a dormer window so that another floor could be easily created hwen you wanted to develop and get an extra bedroom
      • so bigger timbers were used so roof joists weren’t a problem
      • designing the layout so that an additional staircase could be easily added
      • designing the property so that ground floor space was easily adaptable and disabled friendly
    • Focussing on 3 elements of sustainability
      • Building the property to maximise on rain water harvesting
      • Incorporating photo voltaic (solar energy)
      • Including a significant of insulation on the outside (think of a tea cosy)

So a traditional industry such as construction can be turned on its head with some innovative thinking. I look forward to seeing how Tommy gets on in preparing some radical ideas for the building industry. For more information on innovative thinking click here Andrew Goode 01733 361729. To see innovative marketing ideas click here

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