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Innovative Marketing Ideas That Differentiate

The importance of innovative marketing

With customers subjected to over 500 marketing messages a day same old same old is no longer enough. The following ideas may help your marketing

How strong is your brand

For those of a certain age can you remember Cadbury’s Milk Tray Man (and all because the lady loves milk tray). The power of having a strong marketing brand probably means that you can recall the adverts even after 30 years. (Just type in ‘Cadbury’s-Milk-Tray-Cliff-Dive’ to check out in You tube)

Innovative Marketing

Your Brand Challenges

  • How will your brand be remembered in 30 years
  • How are you going to make sure that your brand stands out against the competition

Its only a business card!

Now for many companies the first piece of marketing that a prospects / customer will come across is a business card. So what does your business card say about you? If you are trying to portray your products and services as different, is this communicated by the business card? So a business card needs to convey your quality, innovation, and uniqueness.

Examples of innovative marketing through business cards

  • A specialist marine safety signs company has a business card produced on the same high visibility high luminous material that it uses for its signage. Instantly highlighting the quality of its signage and printing
  • A bio organic vineyard has business card filled with seeds that can be planted and regrown, highlighting that within the company nothing is wasted
  • Geoff Ramm the renowned marketing speaker has an edible business card, now that certainly differentiates him from other speakers

Your business card challenge

  • What can you do to make your business card memorable and communicate your brand values
The perfect time for printed communications (but only if there innovatively created)

Direct Mail – a historical perspective

15 years agoemptyFull
Nowcrammed fullspare capacity
So as more companies swap from direct mail to e mail (or other digital media) its freeing up the capacity to develop innovative direct mail marketing pieces
Brochures & Leaflets
With digital print its so easy to get leaflets printed nowadays. The issue is how to get your materials noticed, selected and consumed before being consigned to the recycled receptacle. Does your leaflet have to follow the same format, size / shape. Just because that’s what the printer sells lots of doesn’t mean they have worked for the previous companies.
Example of a great leaflet campaign and implementation. For an ironing company on a tight budget they got their leaflets screwed them into balls and posted them through letterboxes . The message on the leaflet ‘Dont let your clothes become as creased as this’.Your challenge is how to make your printed material stand out from all the other leaflets.
Delivering exceptional customer service
Many companies talk about how they deliver great customer service to all customers all the time. To challenge this consider the following – ‘A celebrity walks in’ so David Beckham, Prince Harry, Barack Obama, Bono, Cheryl Cole walks into your store / factory / office / organisation ‘How would you operate differently’ (even though there money is just the same as everybody else). Well if you were a retail store you might
  • offer to close the shop for them so they could browse in peace
  • provide refreshments
  • make sure the carpet is clean
  • repair some of the areas where a little decorative care is needed
  • make sure that all staff are wearing clean uniforms
  • re-merchandise displays
  • etc

Your challenge: how differently would your company operate if a celebrity visited / asked for a proposal / asked you to quote for some work

Emails and E newsletters – 4 rules for E newsletters

  • Only send to customers / prospects when you have something to say
  • Don’t have as the subject line ‘newsletter’
  • Make sure that your email displays correctly to your recipient
  • Create an e mail that encourages the recipient to take action i.e. click, download, call etc

And finally

When creativity meets opportunity great marketing happens, more of this in future articles along with more Thinking outside of the box
1. So for a service based company how could a pair of socks be used to create interest.
2. How could a running shoe open doors within the education sector.

Innovative Marketing

For more information innovative marketing and business development approaches click here. To contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing professional click here

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