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Innovative Garden Furniture With 50 Year Guarantee

Even with British weather enjoying an outdoor lifestyle has become a key part of modern life. Where possible we seem to spend more time enjoying the great outside, and the garden has become another entertaining and relaxing area of the home.

As we spend more time eating, drinking and relaxing outside so we need tables and chairs that reflect our lifestyle and allow us to create an outdoor environment suitable for British weather creating an ideal opportunity for innovative garden furniture.

Innovative Garden Furniture With 50 Year Guarantee

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Innovative Garden Furniture Current Options

The current garden furniture options available include

  • Moulded plastic (typically white) where you get four chairs and a self assembly plastic table, and if you are lucky a telescopic parousel
  • Wooden furniture (teak equivalent) that is self assembled. This typically looks great for the first year but some of the very cheap low quality units can fail very quickly when exposed to British weather
  • High quality robust wooden furniture typically used for amenity outdoor seating
  • Rattan furniture which in some cases can look as good inside a house as well as in the garden. That is until the winter when most manufacturers will suggest that the furniture is either stored inside or covered

Innovative Garden Furniture The Future

In the future your wooden garden furniture wont have to look like everybody else’s and once manufactured it can be left outside for over fifty years without suffering any deterioration. In fact this innovative garden furniture already exists and is called Amarantine® .

This furniture manufactured in Suffolk is a revolutionary concept in outdoor furniture, combining sophistication of design and exceptional durability to create unique designs of style, comfort and distinction all suitable for outdoor use.

Some facts about Amarantine®

  • Amarantine® material is guaranteed for fifty years, no need to paint, spray, rub down or treat.
  • Amarantine® is sustainably sourced and FSC certified so its good for the environment
  • Amarantine® outdoor garden furniture does not need protection from weather so you can leave it on the patio in full view looking fantastic
  • Amarantine® furniture is handmade by crafstman and is fully assembled

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