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Innovation Daring To Be Different

Definition of Innovation – daring to be different

  1. There is nothing inherent or unique about people who can innovate.
  2. The art of puzzling things through learning the first principles:

Common Sense



It’s not that complicatedThis doesn’t make sense
Create a place employees likeI disagree
Ideas are commercially viableUnflinching in taking decisions
At a gut level usually know
You know right now where you are weak
Don’t need an MBA to have common sense

Things you could do

  • Don’t have a management away day
  • Make sure you are clear about what is required to make you successful in your business – how are we going to monitor this?

Initial Common sense for an airline

  • Efficiency = low cost
  • Low cost = full plane
  • Full plane = efficient to the business
  • But just being low cost is not enough.

What are the key parameters in your business?

For an airline:

  • Punctuality
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction

So how tightly are you screwing efficiency in your business?

  • Do you understand the unit costs (i.e. seat flown per Km)
  • From a sales and marketing perspective got to focus us on profitability
  • How do we ensure cost of sale doesn’t go up?
  • Need to share the measures & understand the key drivers making sure that employees / people know what’s happening
  • Spend more time with your customers
    • Some will be at the wrong end of the spectrum
    • Some will be un-viable
    • Some will be fantastic
    • Thank your customers

What about the people who aren’t your customers?

  • Ask them why don’t you use us?
  • Ask the staff – what do you think we should focus on?

Innovation Daring To Be Different

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