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Indie Retailers Peterborough The Future

Indie Retailers Peterborough Some Key Points

Indie Retailers Peterborough As Part Of the National Picture

Some background on British retail based on Independent retailers survey results from British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA)

  1. A quarter (24%) of consumers (so these are the people who are going out with a view to purchase) visit at least one of Britain’s 148,000 local retailers every week.
  2. Almost a third (31%) of people (I think they really mean consumers at this point as it is people who are going to shop)  who shop at larger, competitor chain stores(so thi will be the national multiples some examples of which are common household names
    1. So for example in the supermarket sector Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and the Co-Op
    2. In clothing Primark, TK Max, Next Top Shop, Superdry etc
    3. In pharmacy Boots and Superdrug
    4. In female accessories Claires and Accessorize
    5. In cosmetics Lush and Body Shop etc etc
  3. Now the major finding is that consumers / people do so simply because they do not know of any independent alternatives in their area so this will be a key driver of the new initiative
  4. The majority of consumers, surveyed in the British Independent Retailers Association survey (Fifty Three percent 53%), think independent retailers are more expensive. This strikes me as a very important element to be critiqued / evaluated further. Standard economic thinking would lead one to think that a major buying chain can purchase at a lower unit cost and should therefore be able to offer a lower price to the end user but is this the case in Peterborough
  5. Over sixty percent (Two thirds) of the UK’s independent retailers have not seen any growth in the past 12 months – now this does need to be taken in context as the period of recession has led to a period of zero growth
  6. The figures show sixteen percent of these retailers fear they may go out of business in 2013 if sales do not improve, which is born out by the independent retailers ceasing trading already this year

Indie Retailers Peterborough

For more information on how Indie Retailers Peterborough can buck the national trends contact Andrew Goode . For marketing and sales information click here

Indie Retailers Peterborough
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