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Independent Retailers Peterborough

Independent Retailers Peterborough Providing A Great Service

Independent Retailers Peterborough Worth Visiting

Reasons why an independent retailer is good

  • Advice – if the owner of the shop is serving there a lot of useful detailed information can be gained about the products. 
  • Customer service is likely to be something the businesses complete to the best standard in order to make themselves well known and ensure customers stay loyal with an excellent reputation.
Independent Retailers Peterborough

A selection of Independent Retailers Peterborough

  • Advance performance are based in Fengate and are an award winning specialists in running and triathlon. 
  • Art in the Heart sells artist work from within a 20 mile radius of Peterborough
  • Barista provides a great venue for you to enjoy Italian freshly made food which can also be pre ordered.
  • Brewery Tap is an award winning Thai restaurant and also sells award winning oakham ales
  • Burghley an experienced award winning business which offers hair, beauty and academy.
  • Charles Bright has been a leading independent jewelers in Peterborough since 1920.
  • Charters is a beer garden situated on the River buy ultram cheap Nene selling real ale and has an Asian restaurant on the top deck.
  • Designer Leathers selling quality leather coats, jackets, handbags and accessories.
  • East brings true taste of orient located about Charters on the River Nene.
  • El Shoe is a shoe boutique that imports all stock from Spain and Portugal and some being home-made offering Men’s, Woman’s and Children’s shoes along with woman’s handbags and purses.
  • Janson Hung are there to make home cooking easier for oriental dishes.
  • Melanie Richards is a hairdressers that will look after your hair for what you want and what is needed.
  • Reba Boutique is a quirky lifestyle boutique offering jewellery, accessories, clothes, cards and gifts with an individual slant to them located in the centre of Peterborough.
  • Style Boutique is inspired by a boutique in the South of France, offering affordable designer jewellery as well as other products.

Independent Retailers Peterborough

For more details about independent retailers Peterborough or other business information click here For information about marketing help available to independent retailers Peterborough contact Andrew Goode

Indie Retailers Peterborough As Part Of the National Picture

Some background on British retail based on Independent retailers survey results from British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA)

  1. A quarter (24%) of consumers (so these are the people who are going out with a view to purchase) visit at least one of Britain’s 148,000 local retailers every week.
  2. Almost a third (31%) of people (I think they really mean consumers at this point as it is people who are going to shop)  who shop at larger, competitor chain stores(so thi will be the national multiples some examples of which are common household names
    1. So for example in the supermarket sector Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and the Co-Op
    2. In clothing Primark, TK Max, Next Top Shop, Superdry etc
    3. In pharmacy Boots and Superdrug
    4. In female accessories Claires and Accessorize
    5. In cosmetics Lush and Body Shop etc etc
  3. Now the major finding is that consumers / people do so simply because they do not know of any independent alternatives in their area so this will be a key driver of the new initiative
  4. The majority of consumers, surveyed in the British Independent Retailers Association survey (Fifty Three percent 53%), think independent retailers are more expensive. This strikes me as a very important element to be critiqued / evaluated further. Standard economic thinking would lead one to think that a major buying chain can purchase at a lower unit cost and should therefore be able to offer a lower price to the end user but is this the case in Peterborough
  5. Over sixty percent (Two thirds) of the UK’s independent retailers have not seen any growth in the past 12 months – now this does need to be taken in context as the period of recession has led to a period of zero growth
  6. The figures show sixteen percent of these retailers fear they may go out of business in 2013 if sales do not improve, which is born out by the independent retailers ceasing trading already this year

Peterborough Independent Retailers A Wealth Of Choice

Peterborough Independent Retailers Reasons To Choose Them

There are many reasons to choose Peterborough Independent Retailers ahead of the national chains. In this brief article I will try and cover the most important factors

  • A small independent retailer should be able to offer the very latest products ranges
    • Unlike national chains that will have too make decisions through buying groups, involving merchandising teams, and set up distribution and logistics schedules an independent retailer can make a decision to list a product and have it on the shelf at the earliest possible opportunity
  • Small independent retailers are typically passionate about the product or service they are selling. This possibly gives them a level of knowledge that is difficult to rival. Many independents are family run businesses who have been trading through two or three generations. The likelihood is that within a shop there could be hundreds of years of expertise, knowledge and advice that is waiting to be tapped into.

The Economic Value Of The Locally Spent Pound

The CLES (Centre for Local Economic Strategies) completed research for FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) about the economic value of a locally spent one pound. The results were fascinating and eye opening, sufficient to convince the majority of people that when they shop locally they are genuinely having a positive impact on their community! Findings showed that for every one pound spent locally around fifty to seventy pence of that money recirculates back into the local economy. For the equivalent one pound spent through on line shopping or in an out of town shopping centre  only five pence makes its way back to the local community.
This information is has a significant impact with local people that their choice of where to make their spend with local independent businesses can have a significant impact on the local economy.

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