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In Marketing What Is PR

A PR Definition

The organised two-way communications between the organisation and audiences critical to its success.

What are the ‘audiences and organisations’

  • Potential customers
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Shareholders

All these audiences require different messages

In Marketing What Is PR

Public Relations Activities

  • Corporate communications
  • Events
  • Sponsorships
  • Speeches
  • Public service activities
  • Media relations

Media relations involves:

  • Working with publications
  • Developing news stories and articles
  • You need to know:
    • Your target audience
    • The objectives of the publication
  • You will need to write the article with these things in mind.

How can PR benefit your business?

‘Customers are five times more likely to be influenced by editorial copy than by advertising’
Why is this?

  • People buy publications to read the stories – not the advertisements (although advertising still has its place).
  • People are influenced by what they read because:
    • Credible
    • Non promotional
    • Viewed as impartial
    • Approved’ source
    • Readers associate with the stories
  • Media relations typically costs less than advertising and direct mail – especially if you do it yourself
    • It can work in isolation or alongside other marketing activities
    • Ideally should form one part of the marketing mix

What can you achieve with PR

  • Generate sales leads
  • Create perceptions of your company
  • Build recognition
  • Raise awareness of products or services
  • Highlight successes
  • Counteract negative issues
  • Influence a reaction
  • Use as part of retention strategies
  • Reach audiences which traditionally are out of reach

In Marketing What Is PR

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