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Improving Your Marketing Process

Developing And Improving Your Marketing Process

Establishing a marketing process is critical if you want to achieve effective and efficient sales and marketing. In this article we will consider 3 key elements; controlling the process, reviewing the process and adding value to the process.

  • Why did you lose the last piece of business. Review failed proposals
  • How can you add more value to a sale rather than just looking to cut out waste
  • Value is what a customer wants and will pay for – have you nailed this
  • From a value perspective what are your potential ‘Could Haves’
Developing And Improving Your Marketing Process

Review The Sales & Marketing Process

1. Use objective measures not subjective measures

2. Ask questions about your Sales and Marketing

  • What worked well
  • What could be done to make it work better

3. Consider these two great approaches to getting sales and marketing completed

  • What can be done to systemise the routine
  • How can we humanize the exceptions!
  • Where does the value appear
  • What are the opportunities to add value
  • How can you create a customer pull and flow through the organisation (example Tesco ATM at every store)
  • Establish a wash / rinse / repeat process to aim towards perfection

Developing And Improving Your Marketing Process

If you need help with marketing the a “Marketing Discovery” session with an experienced and qualified marketing professional. They will ask difficult questions and help you through the marketing process. The starting process will typically be  evaluating “customers”. We have noticed over the years that many companies have limited detailed knowledge of their customers and why they buy from them, and what’s of importance and value to them. Evaluating competitors is another area that will be considered and there are a number of tools that a marketing consultant will have to help you accurately evaluate your competitors.

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