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Improving Website Performance Top 10 Tips

Improving Website Performance Tip 1

I have recently been presenting to groups of businesses within Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. The presentation was called Generate More Business For Your Website and was designed for those companies / organisations who have a website (because they feel they need to have a website) but don’t actually see it helping them either generate new business or help in the sales / information process.

It was really interesting to get so many web designers / Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) / Social Media experts attending the presentations and enlightening for me when so many commented positively about the content and felt they had learnt something new. So over the next few articles I will go through the top 10 points

Improving Website Performance Top 10 Tips


Tip 1: Be seen as different. Now this is way bigger than just website design. This encompasses the fundamental question if their are other competitors / suppliers with whom I could choose ‘Why would I buy / purchase / choose you’.

If you cant answer this question don’t even think about changing your website. The financial services sector IFA’s is a classic example of a sector where the providers find it very difficult to be seen as different, So when they have their websites developed they often have

  • Imagery that is very similar. Think pension planning and you can already sense the images of chess pieces (make sure you make the right move) and compass (helping you take the right path). Both great analogies, the images are often beautifully shot (in order that they don’t look exactly the same a sthe other chess pieces etc)
  • The same navigation methods and terminology based upon the industry as opposed to the  language a customer would use

So take the be seen as different challenge. If you were a visitor who lands on your site having been on your top 3 competitors sites would you be seen as different / better

Tip 2: Is get me out of here – which will be covered in the next article

Improving Website Performance Top 10 Tips

If you want to get all 10 tips now in a FREE jargon free report or watch a video of the findings contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 and I will send you the content. For examples of improving website performance simply click here

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