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Improving Website Performance Tip6

Tip 6 – Communicate in a way appropriate to your customers

In this series of articles about improving website performance  we will continue with the theme of how you communicate with your visitors on the web page.
The challenge with communicating on the web is that everybody uses it differently. Here are three examples I witnessed

Improving Website Performance Tip 6

Improving Website Performance 3 Examples

Example 1: My son was looking for a new pair of football boots on line. This then involved the i-pad being used on you tube to watch various boots being used  by professional players, whilst simultaneously using the laptop to access a variety of online stores. Imagery and video content providing the key communication elements. Combine this with an iphone being used on social media to debate the pros and cons of various boots. Enough information available to make your head spin.

Example 2. Caroline a colleague of mine was looking for a restaurant to dine at and was very keen to choose an establishment with sustainable and ethical approaches to selecting their ingredients. Investigation of the possible restaurants was a very detailed affair with the information on their sourcing policy being read in detail

Example 3. My friend John was looking to buy a present for his wife and knew exactly what he wanted to purchase. Having landed on exactly the site he wanted he became increasingly frustrated as he navigated the site and found

  • Lots and lots of content about the product
  • Explanation videos on how to get the best out of the product
  • Testimonials from lots of happy customers
  •  But couldn’t find how to navigate to the shop or a buy now button so he could complete the transaction. A simple Buy Now button would have completed the transaction and none of the words or images were necessary.

Three people all looking to buy all using a variety of media (or not) in order to facilitate the purchasing process. For me it emphasizes how you need to have a variety of media  on your site to cope with the range of people you will have visiting who all potentially want to purchase the same thing but will go through the process differently.

What Variety Of Media Do You Have On Your Site

Look at your website. Is it a mass of text. if so would images or video help convey the message. Could an interactive chart help. Why not talk to some potential customers and see if they like the way the content if structured

Improving Website Performance Tip 6 – GET ALL 10 TIPS

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