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Improving Website Performance Tip 5

Tip 5 – Make It Easy For Customers To Contact You

In this series of articles about improving website performance, How Easy Is It For Your Customers To Contact You.

When people go on the web and search for a company, shop or organisation often all they are looking to do is get some contact details, so that they can contact you directly.

Improving Website Performance Tip 5

How Easy Is It To Make Contact

  • Telephone: many people still prefer to call and talk to a real person about their enquiry / need. This occurs for many reasons
    • Whilst the information that the person wants is probably held within the website, many websites are poorly designed and information difficult to locate. Therefore if the person is in buying or information gathering mode they simply want to get the information as quickly as possible. Hence what could be simpler than calling the company
    • With so many faceless websites now how can you guarantee that the company actually exists, apart from physically visiting, calling is the next best option
    • Many people prefer to talk rather than read. For some, the cost of calling may be a barrier. Therefore why not have a call back facility. Whereby the customer can leave their details name, telephone number and time that they would like to be called (plus possibly a comment box so they can put in the reason for the call, allowing a particular specialist to call back)
  • E mail: For many the ability to e mail a company directly with a question is considered a preferred communication method. Unfortunately some businesses don’t put e mail addresses on  their website. providing a faceless contact us box for the incumbent to put their details
    • When you don’t get an e mail address its difficult to chase up
    • Filling in a pre-formatted form can mean that you don’t get a record / copy on your e mail system so potentially you can forget / miss out on who you have contacted
  • Address: Whilst the person may not want to physically visit you, knowing that you have an office, factory, warehouse or shop at a physical location may help overcome some potential issues about contacting a company they have never heard of

How Easy Is It For Your Customers To Contact YOU

Look at your website

  1. Is your telephone number featured prominently on every page
  2. Can I easily gain an email address to allow e mail communication
  3. Could I easily identify where the business is loacted or would I need sleuth like skills

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