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Improving Website Performance Tip 4

Improving Website Performance Tip 4 – If Someone Arrives At Your Site Capture Their Details

In this series of articles about improving website performance, this one can be directly compared to a traditional high street shopping scenario.

High Street Situation 1: You are ambling down the high street, something catches your eye in the shop window, you enter the shop and browse around,.You see something that you like but there is no shop assistant to deal with your inquiry so you leave.

High Street Situation 2: You have a specific requirement for a product. You visit the shop and ask if they have the product in stock. Unfortunately they don’t so you leave the shop

Improving Website Performance Tip 4

Two situations that can be directly compared to online experiences

Online situation 1: You are on the web and stumble across something that catches your eye

  • An eye catching animated banner
  • A well written adword
  • A logo / link or brand
  • An article that will solve a problem that you face
  • A well designed link or call to action button

You click on one of the above, read (or look) and leave

Online situation 2: You are looking for a specific product or service so type what you are looking for into Google search for example ‘Schnauzer Puppies Peterborough’. You are now faced with adwords and organic rankings. You click on the first organic ranking, visit the site, cant find what you want and leave

WHEN Someone Visits Your Site Do You Try And Capture Their Details

In both of the second scenario’s a person in ‘buying’ or ‘active searching’ mode has visited the store or the website. In the case of the website, we find that many companies spend time and money to get traffic to their site, but apply no time or effort to trying to capture the details of someone who is specifically interested. Note if I type Schnauzer Puppies Peterborough’ I am looking for a Schnauzer Puppy not Insurance/ Holidays etc etc. Therefore if someone lands on my site there is a good chance that they are a target customer.
Therefore try and capture their details

If you would like your website evaluated from a data capture perspective please e mail your details to

 Improving Website Performance Tip 4 – GET ALL 10 TIPS

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