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Improving Website Performance Tip 3

Improving Website Performance Tip 3 – People Don’t Scroll*

In this series of articles about improving website performance, I need to add an important health warning with regards to this particular tip.
With potentially the majority of visitors who visit your website landing on the home page they want to be able to access the information that relates to their requirement as soon as they land on the page. Now what tends to happen with many sites / businesses is that they have so much that they want to tel their customers / prospects about they fill the page with information. The interesting thing with the webpage of course is that whilst it is limited on width, there is NO limit to the depth or length of the page.

Improving Website Performance Tip 3

Short, Long or Very Long

The web allows us to have pages that go on and on and on. This is really useful in certain circumstances* (long copy landing pages are a classic example) where you can offer your reader the chance to see a

  • summary of the product / service you want to provide
  • a testimonial
  • a call to action (telephone now)
  • Some product imagery and a few bullet points on benefits
  • a video
  • a call to action (request a report, get a free thing)
  • more information on the service
  • a final call to action

When they visit Your Site For tHe First Time

  1. They want to see / be able to navigate to what ever they want within the constraints of 1028 x 764 screen or mobile screen
  2. A visitor will land on the page and search for ‘what they are expecting to find’ if you are lucky they might click on a button if they think it is what they are looking for
  3. The challenge is if its not obvious where to click there is a great chance that the visitor will leave

Analyse what visitors do on your site

The beauty of a website is that you can analyse exactly how your customers are using it. If you want to see how many of your visitors are scrolling on the home page simply access the content in page analytics. Then see on the resolution as suggested what people click on and importantly how many people scroll.

Now you might want to check up and see what content you have below the scroll mark.
In our experience many companies have great website content on their home page that’s never reached. You may find that your site would benefit from a complete re layout in order to get the correct content clicked. If you would like your website evaluated please e mail your details to

 Improving Website Performance Tip 3 – Get All 10 Tips

If you want to get all 10 tips now in a FREE jargon free report or watch a video of the findings contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 and I will send you the content. For examples of improving website performance simply click here

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