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Improving Website Performance Tip 2

Improving Website Performance Tip 2 – Get Me Out Of Here

In this series of articles about improving website performance, it may seem strange that I have a tip for ‘get me out of here’, so let me explain more.
Potentially a high percentage of visitors who visit your website will be landing on the home page. This is often the case as they will have seen your website address

  • On an advert in a publication 
  • After being given a business card
  • Having received a piece of direct mail
  • On the side of a company vehicle
  • Or perhaps they have found your website by key word search using a search engine such as Google, yahoo or Bing and the page that is found happens to be the home page

So they land on the home page and what greets them?
This is where the get me out of here comes into play. The home page is essentially an introductory space that should allow the visitor to navigate quickly and easily to the ‘thing’ that is of real interest to them. So lets take the BBC website as an example as it performs the process really well and allows us to consider the process from a business perspective. The BBC have a number of different products to offer

  • Sport
  • News
  • Weather
  • TV
  • Travel
  • Promotional events – Children in need, Red Nose Day
  • Etc
Improving Website Performance Tip 2

First Time Visitor Navigation

The first time visitor to the site wants to be able to navigate to the content that is relevant to them quickly and easily. If i am interested in Sport, I  want to be able to identify how I get to the Sport section, now that may be via a navigation bar, it may be through a visual button, it may be through an animated image. There may be lots of other great products available but at the point of landing on the site I want to be able to find my way to the content that suits my need i.e Get me out of here.

Improving website performance Tip 2- think about your website

  1. Is it easy for a new visitor to find what they were expecting (if they have to start searching a digging there is the chance they will leave)
  2. Are there a variety of ways to get to the subject. can you reach it via the nav bar, is there a nice clear call to action button
  3. Where about on the page is the information. Can it be easily seen within a 1024 x 768 profile (more of this in the next tip)

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