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Improving Sales Conversion

Improving sales performance?

  • Do you ever wonder if the marketing and promotional activities you are running are actually having an impact and leading to sales.
  • Would you benefit from knowing which activities are engaging with your customers (and you should be doing more) and those that are a waste of money and should be stopped immediately
  • Do you know which offers excite your customers and encourage them
  • Which of your customers are actively looking to purchase
Improving Sales Conversion Through Effective Marketing

Improving Sales Do you measure your marketing?

The adage if you cant measure it you cant manage it is true. The challenge for many involved in marketing activities is that it is often suggested that its very difficult to measure the effectiveness of a specific marketing activity. As business development specialists we dont subscribe to this

Find out how we measure and improve clients marketing leading to increased enquiries and sales through

  • Detailed analysis of your webtraffic – what do people do when they visit your site, how many of them complete an action, what is the place at which they leave.
  • Split testing of offers, headlines, images, calls to actions etc
  • Tracking of sales calls – are there communications / approaches that will allow increased empathy and authority to be developed
  • Ensuring that we can evaluate performance of adverts, brochures, PR etc

Improving Sales Conversion Through Effective Marketing

Find out more about Monthly Sales Improvement where we work with clients to make measured changes that have a real impact on sales enquiries and sales improvements. There is more information on the techniques we have used with clients to improve their sales on our website including case studies and testimonials simply click here.  If you would like to find out more about Improving Sales Conversion Through Effective Marketing contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing and sales professional

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