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Improving customer service

Can great customer service improve your business performance?

I recently attended a great presentation on transforming customer service, which was held in Peterborough.

Nine of the key points that i took away from the event are listed below

  1. Ensure you business avoids “I cant help you I work in customer services”
  2. Are there opportunities for ‘Random acts of kindness’ (which remove the routine of the transaction)
  3. Make sure you deliver the promise
  4. Provide a personal touch where possible
  5. Go the extra mile
  6. Always resolve customer problems
  7. Turn routine transactions into orgasmic experiences
  8. Ensure that ‘support’ dont become a sales prevention team
  9. Make sure the ‘customer’ is a part of everything you do

Improving customer service

Finally business should be fun, make sure you and your team are smiling. For more information on how to improve your customer experiences click here. To contact a professional with years of customer service experience click here

Improving customer service
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