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Improved E Mail Conversion

Improved E Mail Conversion – Know Your List

E Mail List Optimisation

In this series of articles on E mail marketing we have covered the importance of having an E mail strategy (even better if it is a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan that dovetails into your business plan), the need for a grab your attention subject line and then consistently supplying great content. So lets assume that all of these are now in place, the next item to consider is who are you sending your e mails to?

Improved E Mail Conversion - Know Your List

E mail Marketing Lists For Existing Customer Contacts

E mail marketing is a great way of communicating and keeping in contact with your existing list. Having your list correctly segmented will provide some genuine business benefits

  1. You will be able to send correctly targeted messages about
    1. Products / services that the person has previously purchased
    2. New products / services that could be directly related to their previous purchases or known profile
    3. Directly relevant information that will be of benefit to the customer
    4. Hints, tips, advice and help that will be directly relevant
  2. You will be able to identify changes within your existing customer list
    1. Are you suddenly getting an e mail bounce from a known contact
      1. Perhaps your contact has just left the company – in which case if you can see your emails are bouncing then that provides the opportunity to telephone the person and update the contact list
    2. Is your customer receiving but not opening the content you are sending through
      1. Perhaps you need to talk to the customer and identify what the customer wants to receive
    3. You will be able to see what articles they are clicking on . Which means that you could proactively call the customer and follow through the sales process

E Mail Marketing Lists For Prospects

There are a number of considerations when you are targeting a prospect list

  1. If your prospects have been gained as a result of your website activities, growing your list through data capture (i.e. someone visits your site and requests a report etc etc ) and you have followed the correct sign up process then you have every right to send further emails
  2. If you have
    1. Physically met the person and perhaps exchanged business cards, swapped contact details
    2. Purchased an accredited / audited / approved / list from an authorised list provider
    3. Exhibited or presented and people have given you business cards in order to gain a report / have a chance of winning a prize
    4. Then you following appropriate protocol and should be able to e mail these people
  3. If you have ‘acquired’ a list by ‘alternative or unknown’ means then you need to be careful, as potentially there are some serious issues
    1. If someone receives an unsolicited e mail from you then potentially they can report that as spam. If you send a campaign and get a high percentage level of spam complaints potentially your account can e suspended
    2. A list that isn’t regularly cleaned will provide a higher bounce rate(bounces can be either hard or soft either way it means that the email was unable to be delivered). If your bounce rate is above a certain percentage then again your account may be suspended
  4. If you have purchased a list, we would always suggest that you go through a process of telemarketing to clean the list
    1. Call the contact and identify the name and correct (specific) e mail address i.e. rather than
    2. Send a personal e mail to confirm the email address and confirm your company details
    3. Start your e mail campaign as soon as possible as the longer you leave the greater the chance that the list will go out of date again

Improved E Mail Conversion – Know Your List

In the next of the e mail marketing series of articles we will look at landing pages. If you would like any further information on e mail marketing contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or click here. For information on email marketing click here

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