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Improve Your Sales, Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness

Unfortunately many companies don’t have a written / formalised sales and marketing plan. This results in marketing activities being completed on an as need basis.

When the marketing is initiated e.g. an advert, website update, e mail campaign, some social media stuff, or a direct mail shot etc the activity is implemented, but no or limited effort is focused on measuring its success.

In this article we are going to look at 4 marketing measurement approaches you can adopt to identify how much impact the marketing you are doing is impacting on your sales.

Improve Your Sales, Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness

1. Measure your websites performance

For those of you with a website (most companies) you should ensure that Google Analytics is installed.

  • Google Analytics is Free and simple to install, (so hopefully your existing web company have already installed it)
  • Make sure you have access so that you can actually investigate what users are doing on your site
  • Google Analytics can be set up to track goals allowing it to accurately measure how interacts with your site
  • Identify how many of your visitors used a desktop or a mobile device
  • A massive amount of visitor information is available such as
    • The country of the visitor
    • The page they landed on
    • They page they exited the site
    • The pages of the website that they visited within the site is available

Some common analytics misconceptions

  • Companies get seduced by just looking at “traffic” i.e. the number of people visiting the site. This is a useful number but
    • What if the visitors are spam traffic
    • What if the visitors came to your site and left immediately
    • So whilst traffic is a metric it needs to be viewed and considered in context
  • A high bounce rate might be a problem but if the visitor was simply looking for a phone number, then the bounce is good
  • Just because Google Analytics is installed doesn’t mean it’s set up correctly. The data you could be obtaining might be “useless”

If you would like a FREE evaluation of your Google Analytics; we will identify if the analytics are set up correctly and then provide an interpretation of the results.

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2. Unique Trackable In Bound Telephone Numbers

If you are advertising (digital or print) then using an unique trackable in bound telephone number as part of the advert can provide a great marketing metric. The ability to accurately track how many people call as a result of seeing the advert is incredibly useful.


On numerous occasions on implementing a marketing campaign we have found that other metrics might be down i.e. visits to a website, sign ups etc, but by having a unique trackable phone number been able to identify that the advertising was actually providing a great source of leads.
Its really easy to get a number to suit your specific needs perhaps a local area number would work better than a freephone number.
Note: If you are advertising in expensive trade directories, magazines or Yellow Pages the ability to identify how many people called over the course of the issue (or year) can be an invaluable way of helping you identify where you are wasting your money!

3. Use Your CRM System

A Customer Relationship Management system when used correctly will be able to provide a wealth of valuable marketing information. Within the CRM system you should be able to record and identify

  • Your prospects and how they found you (you found them)
  • Where your potential customers are in the purchasing process
  • How well you are converting prospects into proposals and more importantly sales

There are 2 key CRM issues

  • You need to have the right CRM system / approach for your business
  • Everyone in the business who is dealing with “Customers / Prospective Customers” needs to use it correctly

The subject of using CRM as part of your effective sales and marketing is huge so I plan to write some more detailed posts in the future. If you would like to have a chat about CRM and see a CRM system in action simply call me and I will arrange a FREE 30 minute demonstration. Simply call 01733 361729 and mention the code NOD2016.

4. Create Specific Landing Pages.

If you have online adverts, printed adverts, Google or Facebook advertising campaigns or even e mail campaigns, then ideally for each you should be sending your customer to a dedicated landing page (not just the home page on your website).
An immediate benefit of doing this is that you can now measure how many people take action and click or type the published URL. Once on the landing page the visitor should see content that exactly matches the advert message. If done correctly the customer should stay on the page for longer and ultimately take action on the page.


The diagram above shows a simplified version of using measurement techniques

  • Important: The headline, imagery and call to action text is the same. This is classic advertising (nothing new here) and should be developed following the information you gained during your strategic marketing planning
  • The measurable advert
    • Has a dedicated url which when followed takes the visitor to a specific web page
    • The e mail is unique and therefore can be tracked and measured as e mails come in
    • The telephone number is inbound trackable
    • All points of contact can be measured. So now you can track how well an advert has performed in proactively generating enquiries. As most companies don’t have budget for just brand awareness type activities, measuring the results will allow you to see if your spend is worthwhile

Marketing Measurement Helps You Avoid Wasting Money

If you measure the performance of your marketing activities, then it makes decision making easier when you come to review whether to repeat or stop. If you can stop spending (wasting) money on marketing activities that are ineffective that potentially frees up budget for spending on activities that can grow your sales.

Improve Your Sales, Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness

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