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Approaches To Improve Your Sales Appointment Performance

Improve Your Sales  Appointments General Pointers

  • Be prepared
  • Listen (the classic 2 ears and 1 mouth use them in that ratio)
  • Act on buying signals
  • Talking is not selling
  • Know when to stop
  • Dont be afraid to ask for the order
  • Proof sources and prove it
  • Demonstrations are good
  • Suggestive sale – up sell and cross sell

Approaches To Improve Your Sales Appointment Performance

Sales Call Fundamentals

When you go into a sales call there are typically 5 key elements

  1. You should have a clear objective what you want to take out of the appointment – note this doesn’t mean that you expect to close the sale there and then
  2. At the heart of any sale you need to identify and separate your prospects “wants” / “needs”. Typically one of these 3 reasons is why they want to buy something
    • Profit: They want to make money
    • Productivity: They want to become more efficient
    • Image: or sometimes considered as emotion
  3. Circumstances
    • whats the implication of purchasing
    • whats the impact of not addressing
  4. The close: gaining acceptance and / or agreeing the next step
  5. The sale: whereby the customer agrees and importantly makes a payment

Handling Sales Objections

These typically occur due to the 4 following reasons, if they are shown by your customer then you need to have an approach to overcome the objection type

Objection type

Approach to overcoming

IndifferenceRefocus on identifying the customer needs
SkepticismOffer proof
MisunderstandingRefocus on identifying the customer needs
DrawbackRefocus on the bigger picture highlighting the previously accepted benefits

Important Note: “A sale is not a sale until it is paid for “

Sales Payment Good Practice

  • For new accounts have an account opening form
  • Credit check your customers
  • Actually seek out references from their bank / trade
  • Agree credit limits and stick to them
  • Reinforce payment terms at point of sale
  • Invoice quickly – immediately work completed / product supplied
  • Build a relationship with the accounts department

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