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Improve Your Marketing With CONVERTS

If you are advertising digitally or through print media then the following acronym can be useful.

Many companies end up with website pages that fail to convert, adwords campaigns that cost significantly more than they should, and print campaigns that are effectively useless.

Check out converts below and see if it can help your marketing performance.

Improve Your Marketing With CONVERTS

Improve Your Marketing With CONVERTS

  • C : Ensure there are Clear Calls To Action
  • O : Develop a mafia Offer
  • N : Narrow Focus the advert / page should only feature one element / message
  • V : Very Important Attribute what is it that the reader will engage with
  • E : Effective Headline – the first message that will engage with the reader / viewer
  • R : Resolution – (how will the message appear to the viewer)
  • T : Tidy Visuals – great design will further enhance its chance to perform
  • S : Social Proof – can companies other than you endorse how good you are

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Additional Tips To Help Convert

  • One of the criteria that Google uses in ranking sites is the speed of loading. This is impacted by numerous factors from the hosting of the site through to the size of images used and how well the site is coded. A great tool to check the speed of your site is this one
  • Do you ever need to get the email address of a prospect. This tool can help you identify the correct email address
  • If you get the email of a prospect you might need to verify it before you send the exact email. Anymailfinder can be used for free for a limited number of checks
  • Google Search Console
  • – for higher volume search terms the tool will allow you to see by region , topics and queries how much interest a term generates over a long period of time

The 4 step process to digital engagement

  • Stage 1 – is stimulus where you need to engage with the prospect
  • Stage 2 – the zero moment of truth – the immediate point whereby the recipient sees (or doesn’t see if the page doesn’t load)
  • Stage 3 – The first moment of truth – when the customer clicks and goes to the next area
  • Stage 4 – The second moment of truth

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