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Improve Your E Mail Marketing

7 Steps To Better E Mail Marketing

If you currently send out bulk e mails to customers / prospects with limited success the following article will be of use. I was recently asked to present to a group of business owners on how to improve the effectiveness of e mail marketing. The following 7 steps are part of the process we apply when helping clients improve their e mail marketing and integrating it into the sales and marketing process.

1. E mail strategy

As with all sales and marketing activities having a clear strategy is essential. Before you even contemplate an e mail campaign the following questions should be answered

  • Who are you communicating with?
    • Communicating with customers requires a completely different approach than communicating to prospects / targets
  • What do you want to communicate?
    • Sounds simple, but a key challenges is what do you want to communicate. If your message is simply going to be ‘Buy My Stuff’ then you may well end up with very low sales conversions
Improve The Effectiveness Of Your E Mail Marketing
  • What do you want them to do?
    • Do we want them to click on a link to read more
    • Send them to an information video
    • Read the whole article that is laid before them
    • etc
    • We need to have a clear idea of what we expect / hope the customer will do so that we can design the e mail to facilitate this
  • When do we want them to do it?
    • One of the beauties of e mail is that in the majority of cases it provides an almost instantaneous delivery mechanism. With a vast swathe of people having access to their e mails on an immediate basis there is potential for emails to be sent and opened (more on this later) immediately. In fact for some sectors we see the majority of e mails being opened within thirty minutes of being sent.
    • Unfortunately
      • Yours will not be the only e mail they receive
      • The recipient isn’t sat there idle just waiting for your e mail to arrive (well certainly in most of the situations we come across)
    • Therefore the key challenge is identifying when would be the optimum time to send the e mail in order to encourage action
  • Why will this e mail create an action?
    • Now an action could take place in any number of ways and for us with e mail campaigns time after time, e mails can generate a positive response even if it isn’t the response we expected
    • One of the biggest challenges is that an e mail is sent but we have know idea what condition the person is in. They may be in a meeting, on holiday , in BUYING mode
    • So what can we do within the e mail to encourage the recipient to take some action (note that action may be simply to click on a link!!)
  • How can e mail help in the sales communication process
    • E mail should be considered as part of the communication process. Therefore would you achieve improved conversion rates if direct mail, sales calls, dedicated web landing pages etc were integrated into the process.

Improve The Effectiveness Of Your E Mail Marketing

In the next article we will consider the importance of Subject Lines and E Mail content. If you would like to discuss how to improve your e mail marketing click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or click here for more marketing resources

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