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Huntingdon Retailers

As a Huntingdon independent retailer

  • Are you looking to increase your sales and grow your business?
  • Would you benefit from some practical training, support and advice focused around your business activities?
  • Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities both offline and online i.e. achieve more at a lower cost?
  • What if you could test some of your Sales messages and Promotional materials before you committed to £ spend?
Huntingdon Retailers

The Huntingdon Retailer Marketing Action programme is designed to help you develop the most effective marketing actions for your business.

“This is the most exciting initiative I have seen offered to retailers in years. It provides practical and expert marketing guidance to make a genuine difference to retailers. At virtually no cost, there are huge benefits and I believe this is a great opportunity for the Independent retailers in Huntingdon”

Katy Sismore – Huntingdon Town Partnership Manager

What’s included in the Huntingdon Retailer Marketing Action

Huntingdon Retailer Marketing Action is a unique 3 stage programme of practical training, facilitated discussion, 1:1 action marketing and review designed specifically to help independent retailers improve their business performance. It is delivered by professionals in Marketing, Business Development and Internet Marketing

  •  Explore which marketing approach will generate your business the most sales
  • Review your existing Sales & promotion approaches to identify where you are wasting money
  • Identify if online activities could generate additional business
  • Identify opportunities for joint relationships with other retailers

Proposed Timetable

Session 1: Marketing Stimulation – prepare to be challenged on your marketing, explore the opportunities for you and your customers.                              Bob Hogg & Andrew Goode

Session 2: Offline Marketing Stimulation – Review, Development and Testing of alternative online marketing e.g. so how good is your advert / shop window.   Bob Hogg & Andrew Goode

Session 3: Online Marketing – are you maximising the potential of the web, are there opportunities for you to drive more people to your shop.       Lyndon Wright & Andrew Goode

1:1 sessions: will be allocated during the programme

To minimise disruption to the working day the first 3 sessions will take place from 6.00pm to 9.00pm

*If you employ between 5 and 249 people (to include all staff / helpers / volunteers) you could be eligible for Leadership & Management funding to pay for the cost of training excluding VAT. All you will pay for the programme is the VAT a total cost of £87.50 . The intensive nature of the support provided means that a maximum of 16 will be allowed on the programme.

Huntingdon Retailers 

For more information on marketing and sales training courses developed specifically for your sector, industry or business click here. To contact an experienced marketing trainer click here

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