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HR Information Systems – Are You In Control Of Your Employees

Every company as it grows and starts employing more and more people gets to the situation where it needs HR Information Systems. The transition from a few employees where simple a spreadsheet (or even a shared diary / wall planner ) can be used to effectively manage employees HR issues disappears once you reach a certain size.

Even the simplest of HR issues like holidays can be a management drain or challenge and if not resolved correctly create personal and cultural issues significantly bigger than the original issue. In this article we look at additional reasons why HR Information Systems can be beneficial.

HR Information Systems – Are You In Control Of Your Employees

Applications of HR Information Systems

There a multiple reasons to implement HR Information systems and in this article we look at monitoring abscence whether planned or unplanned

Monitor Absence – Sickness or Holidays

It is critical to monitor the time that employees have away from a business. Whether its through formalised pre booked holidays (do you know exactly how many days holiday everybody in the company is taking. Perhaps you have directors who are taking significantly more time off than they should but its not being recorded. What about key employees who are saving up holidays in order to take a 6 month holiday in a few years time. Or the situation that many manufacturers find themselves in whereby holidays cannot be taken at certain parts of the year, meaning that where holidays aren’t carried over there is suddenly a mad scramble for everybody to use their holidays to avoid losing them.

So if holidays are tricky then monitoring sickness or absence can be even harder. How do you currently log when a member of staff has time off through illness and doesn’t come in. What if an employee feels poorly whilst at work and goes home. Even more difficult what if you have employees who a frequently off ill, or have a long term illness. Monitoring and managing absence can become a compliance issue and suitable HR Information Systems will help with the process.

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