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How to thrive not survive

In these tough times we’ve asked ourselves “What can we do to best support your business initiatives. As a result we’ve teamed up with world leading coaching organisation to give you a unique insight into ‘How To Thrive Not Survive’ in an economic downturn.

With rave reviews from 1000’s of business owners and managers across the UK, America, Australia and New Zealand this ‘not to be missed workshop’ is now coming to Peterborough on an exclusively arrangement.

How to thrive not survive

In economic unrest there is no better time to find out how you can keep your business on track for success. The choices that your business makes now, in the downturn, will determine how you will fare in the upturn.
This workshop will give you a fresh perspective on the current state of the market and explain how to ‘read’ it, together with key points on what to do (and what not do) in adapting your business to the current climate.
You’ll hear the five most common mistakes businesses make in an economic downturn … Together with the five most important things your business should be focusing on right now.

The briefing will include:

•    How to achieve your business vision through an economic down turn
•    What are your growth strategies and when do you apply them
•    How to improve the efficiency of your resources to support growth
•    How to manage your business through its business life cycle

How to thrive not survive

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