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How To Give The Perfect Pitch

If you are trying to convey a new idea to the board, or make a sale to a new customer then it could be beneficial to know How To Give The Perfect Pitch.

It is likely that you are going to be trying to grab the audiences attention and certainly provide a memorable experience.

Quite possibly you might be competing / presenting against others and the basis for moving forward or being declined will be based on this single pitch. It therefore makes sense to use all the approaches and techniques to make your pitch perfect.

How To Give The Perfect Pitch

Some Basic Principles

  • Keep it simple
  • Create a memorable structure
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Smile
  • Start with a greeting “Hello”
  • Set out your stall – “What we are going to do cover …” absolutely spell it out
  • Interaction is vital – don’t just provide a list of content and make sure the presentation is two way
  • Don’t add more
  • Edit the presentation ruthlessly
  • Keep it conversational, jargon free – consider it like having a chat with your audience
  • Make sure you have back up plans (what happens if your main presentation format fails)
  • If you are doing it in PowerPoint make sure you have great pictures

Creating a memorable structure

  • Start Big
  • Use stories
  • Finish big
    • Just think about a James Bond film where they get straight into the action

Get Your Head Right Before You Present

  • Convince yourself that you are going to do well and you will
  • Convince your audience that the idea you are presenting is perfect for them
  • be present in the room and engage with the audience
  • If you have a mixed audience of experts and novices – pitch the complex in a simple way

How To Give The Perfect Pitch

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