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How To Date Your Customer

The Issue Of Relationships In Business

Potentially there are loads of similarities (metaphorically) between business and personal relationships
So lets consider some examples

  • Do we want a series of one night stands or a longer term relationship
    • This is a fundamental business question to answer as it will significantly impact on the investment in the sales and brand building process
  • If the person doesn’t like you there is little or no chance of getting business
    • Do you need to identify at an early stage those who you cant / wont sell to. (Typically – 10% of people will never buy from you). Is there a need to have a series of additional factors in place to overcome the issue of personalities
How To Date Your Customer

If you you can gain Respect and Trust there is a greater chance of being liked

  •  What do you implement to help increase trust and respect. Are these activities taking place from a personality or a company needed perspective.
  • One of the challenges we often come across is that the respect and trust occurs at an individual level (not organisational) This personal relationship means that when the person leaves the organisational relationship often collapses. What are you doing to build ‘company’ relationships
  • Listening is critical within a relationship
    • One mouth, two ears use them in that ratio is a common expression. How well do listen to your customers
  • Sometimes you need to be active or different in order to become more attractive.
    • What can you do to make your product more attractive

The Art of Attraction

  1. Who are you talking to? What gets them fired up
  2. What do you want them to do?
  3. Why should they buy from you? They need to buy it for their reasons, so what are their reasons?

How To Date Your Customer

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