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How To Be A Better Manager

The following ten tips might help you to not only be a better manager but also a better person

  1. Assume good faith – make sure you understand why something was done
  2. Improve the system from within
    • can documentation be better
    • can processes be better
    • ensure that you write down what works
  3. Processes are critical but not being shackled and restricted from doing random things is also key for development
  4. Take responsibility
    • make note of any problems that occur
    • avoid not my problem fields
  5. Pick your fights carefully
    • if its not of critical importance can  you let it slide
    • learn the skill of letting something go
  6. Be generous
    • Don’t be afraid to come up with solutions
    • help without being asked
    • if some aren’t receptive try the approach “here’s an idea that might help”
  7. Exhibit Bonus traits
    • Share your knowledge
    • Fix a problem that a colleague has
    • Become a lighthouse within the company have “organisational visibility”
  8. Treat everyone with kindness – employees, suppliers , stakeholders – everyone
  9.  Communication is key
    • Recognise that understanding fluffy managerial speak is a skill
    • Communicating managerial speak doesnt have to be bland or boring
    • Be consistent in communication
  10. Keep communication simple
    • “Your sentence is extremely interesting, can i have a concrete example. Could you explain it to me like I was a child”

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