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How Effective Is Your Sales Department

How would you score your current sales department between 1 and 10 ?

(with 1 being useless and 10 being outstanding and couldn’t be improved)
Why did you give that score?

  • You cant find enough good sales people
  • Dont have enough good leads
  • Poor at closing sales
  • Dont seem to have a clear sales structure
  • etc
How Effective Is Your Sales Department

Information on sales people performance

  • Up to 81% of sales people hires fail inside the first 12 months (Leadership Global Survey)
  • Every company is looking for a “great” salesperson with super human capabilities
  • In many companies the sales person is expected to be a master at
    • creating a lead
    • First meeting
    • The initial follow up
    • Presenting
    • Negotiations
    • Closing
  • How many people have you ever come across who are genuinely “great” salespeople. If you have been in business for over 25 years the answer is probably less than 5

Identifying the Tasks and Responsibilities

There are typically 6 prime sales roles  (note the titles may change dependent upon the organisation)

  • Telemarketing
  • Internal Sales
  • Sales Executive
  • Key Accounts
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Director

When you look at how your sales team is structured / resourced you need to consider

  1. What sales outcomes are you looking for
  2. Are you structured cost effectively

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Looking for the perfect sales person

How many of you have tried to find the perfect sales person to help your business grow only to be disappointed when the sales dont roll in.
Lets consider your recruitment process did you conduct

  • Personality profiling
  • Social Media Checks
  • Go through references in detail

In many cases we are looking for sales force silver bullets but don’t invest the time in the recruitment process.
If a new sales person joins your company from a process, products, tools and sectors perspective what happens on the

  • first 30 days
  • first 60 days
  • first 90 days

It is critical to have clear objectives for each of the 4 disciplines.
Question : If you are not training your sales people where are they learning their sales skills?
Answer: In front of your customers and prospects

Sales is about systems and processes

Sales can be classified as covering four elements Vision, People, Process and Management

How Effective Is Your Sales Department

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