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Hoverboards – A Marketers Dread

Hoverboards Key Issues To Consider When Using

Hoverboards Market Segmentation

Hoverboards are available in a wide variety of options making them suitable for a wide variety of market segments. In this article we will consider some of the broad segmentation that can be applied to hoverboards

HiWheel Hoverboards

These are essentially boards with a large control handle and high level hand operated controls. The very nature of these type of hoverboards is that it provides the rider with an increased level of confidence when using. This is achieved in two ways.

  1. The handlebar provides a natural balance point when the rider is in a standing position
  2. By controlling the forward and direction with the hands means that the feet and balance can control that

This makes HiWheel boards ideal for those who are potentially older and don’t have quite the balance or response of a younger more active user

Hoverboards – A Marketeers Dream Or Dread

Two Wheel Hoverboards

Essentially these are like a HiWheel device without the control handle. These models have the closest feel to a skateboard type unit though are driven at ninety degrees. The forward and reverse motion and direction is controlled by the balance / movement that is applied directly to the board. This makes these units ideal for those who have good mobility and core strength as this provides the opportunity to gain a very controlled movement. Once the unit is mastered the two wheels  provide a naturally balanced unit, even when stationary. This makes the two wheel version perfect for those who will be using for longer duration’s and having to stop occasionally but don’t wish to get off the unit.

Single Wheel Hoverboards

These units are perfect for the active and well balanced. The single wheel allows the unit to go in areas and on terrain that would be unsuitable for its two wheel counterparts. A single wheel unit when operated correctly can maneuver with far greater control and perform tighter turns. Potentially the single wheel unit should be considered for the more active / extreme user

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