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Hi Viz Workwear – A Test Case In Understanding Search

When we work with manufacturing clients we often come across some miss perceptions about the web and how it can help them grow their business. In this article Hi Viz Workwear I wanted to test some of the assumptions out there with a real life test case. The Hi Viz market appears to be absolutely rammed with suppliers who are keen to ensure that those who work in potentially dangerous / hazardous environments can be seen.

It should always be the case that the safety of workers is taken as a maximum priority. For this reason legislation plays a powerful role in ensuring that employers have a duty of care and provide employees with the correct Hi Viz clothing and protective equipment.

Hi Viz Workwear

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Hi Viz Workwear – Whats Important To The Customer

For me this is a great marketing question as the customer wears (literally) many hats. The purchaser of the Hi Viz Workwear is probably looking for the lowest cost possible. They possibly think that the clothing wont be looked after by its wearer. I must admit that as I drive around the UK, I am amazed at the number of Hi Vis Jackets and waistcoats that I see lying in the side of the road. They are probably looking to have the Hi Viz Workwear branded with the company logo or name. This serves two purposes, one it provides instant advertising and gets the brand name out and secondly it means that they are less likely to go walkabout and end up on the shoulders of people who have to buy their own High visibility workwear.

Now for the wearer of the Hi Viz Workwear, they are possibly looking for the following

  • Highly comfortable clothing that just because its highly visible still fits well
  • Well designed clothing that they are confident and keen to wear (born out by the number of people who wear in their cars etc travelling to /  from work )

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