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Heavy Duty Trailer

Requirement for a heavy duty trailer.

If you are looking to actively promote a new and innovative product to an audience who are not yet aware of whats available from this product

For example when the first smart phone came out a key purpose of the early advertising was to educate and inform the person as to what the actual device could do; and this is where a heavy duty trailer campaign can come into play.

Heavy-Duty-Trailer which one to choose

A heavy duty trailer could consist of the following elements.

The primary element of the heavy duty trailer could be considered that of educating the potential customer. There is a need to inform about exactly what is offered or provided. When this activity is a radical step change from how we have previously done something there is a need to showcase exactly how this is performed.

Lets think about some historic technology that was new at the time i.e. The now ubiquitous Microwave Oven. When the microwave was first made available as a retail item there was a need to educate “consumers”. At this stage it was very much an early adopter product (due to the limited availability and very high prices), but these people needed to understand the benefits and the device would transform their lives. To achieve this heavy duty trailers were needed through a variety of media to position the product.

So on television the commercials focused heavily on explaining the benefits that the microwave provided as well as trying to dispel some of the black magic or concerns about a product that provided such a step change in performance. Whilst most the early adopters would ultimately at this stage only heat jacket potatoes or make steamed puddings in minutes not hours there was a need for heavy duty trailers to communicate, inform and create the desire that the microwave was a must have purchase.

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