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Having A Strong Brand

How Having A Brand Allowed A 30% Increase On Price

When comparing apples with apples one of the elements to be considered is brand. Now I hadn’t realisd that there were any strong brands of apples, I mistakenly thought that you were just purchasing a “variety” of apple. So you buy a Cox’s, Bramley, Golden Delicious etc.  There is in fact a brand of apple and that brand is “Pink Lady”.
Now this brand has been professionally developed and grown (no pun intended) with some amazing results. The average price of Pink Lady is £3.07 per Kg compared to other apples where the average price is £1.94 per Kg

How Having A Strong Brand Allows You To Charge More

What makes a successful apple brand

  • The visual experience – an apple needs to sell itself from the shelf. Always bear in mind that customers are buying with their eyes first. (Especially true for fresh produce)
  • The shape, colour and size of the apple
  • The taste experience needs to be consistent and meets the shoppers experience
  • For retail buyers these have limited space in store that limits the number of product variations they can offer.Therefore there must be reasons for the buyer to choose “your brand”

What makes a successful brand

  1. Clearly define your brand strategy
  2. Review your product / service to ensure that it is fit for purpose
  3. Establish and design your brand character
  4. Plan and write your brand strategy
  5. Design your brand essentials
  6. Protect your brand  – remember if customers have a preference for “a brand of product” you don’t want to miss out on the exclusivity of gaining sales to competitors who can copy  your brand
  7. Launch your brand
  8. Promote your brand. This activity may need to be tailored to specific sectors / niches
  9. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Once a brand is launched its important to keep everybody informed. Over time you want your customers to become brand ambassadors
  10. Evaluate and improve  – in developing a brand you need to be inquisitive

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How Having A Strong Brand Allows You To Charge More

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