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Habits Of A Good B2B Marketer

If you are involved in a marketing role within the B2B environment, what habits of a good B2B marketer help you to progress as you strive for promotion. The following 4 factors have been identified

  1. Go the extra mile – being seen to do and try more is a key factor
  2. Have a pragmatic and flexible approach in how you operate
  3. Have great communication skills which should include listening, verbal and written
  4. Make sure colleagues, the industry, others know how active you are (this might
Habits Of A Good B2B Marketer

What Skills Does A Good B2B Marketer Need

  • Strategy and general business skills are essential – its critical you understand the numbers
  • At board level specialist marketing tactical skills are largely irrelevant
  • You need to know enough about marketing to be dangerous, these could have been gained through formal marketing qualifications
  • Note from research conducted higher achieving marketers take 50% more external training

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Habits Of A Good B2B Marketer – Invest In Your Personal Brand

  • Unfortunately you need to get active on social media. in B2B this will most likely involve LinkedIn, though instagram, twitter and facebook may also be relevant. As with all social media choose your platform carefully
  • If possible you should get speaking engagements – this ties in with getting noticed and recognised as being active
  • ABC – Always Be Connecting
  • A curious approach to latest trends and techniques
  • Speak the common sense language of business and don’t get tied up in talking business bingo
  • Have drive and empathy – the ability to engage with other business disciplines is essential
  • A willingness to pivot i.e. be flexible and prepared to adapt
  • Exercise calmness under pressure – high performing marketers don’t flap

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