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Greeniversity Interesting Marketing Initiative

Greeniversity Sharing Platform

I recently went to a business networking event and heard Ian Tennant talk about an interesting project called Greeniversity. My understanding is that it is a free skill sharing platform which has a link to environmental and sustainable projects. The project encourages people to get together and learn anything, from how to identify wildlife and cook from scratch to fixing bikes, insulating lofts and making natural beauty projects. It’s a UK wide project where ordinary people with skills to share run classes for other people who are keen to learn.
The feeling that I got was that the programme is designed to be fun, help you meet new people and learn how to be a little greener.

Greeniversity Interesting Marketing Initiative

Greeniversity ways to get involved

There appear to be plenty of ways for you to get involved.

  • For the commited and enthusiastic how about getting a group started in your area
  • Perhaps there is an existing group within your area who would benefit from more learners or additional teachers
  • Importantly you dont have to be a qualified teacher or industry expert / guru to do the teaching. If you have a passion and desire to practice an environmental activity i.e. you might want to teach people how to plant tomatoes or do the weeding then that is enough of a skillset to get you on the programme.  It takes no more than two minutes to sign up
  • Greeniversity relies on businesses and other organisations to offer rooms in their premises as a space for classes to he held.

Greeniversity Interesting Marketing Initiative

To get more information on what the project is all about you can see some ITV coverage on a Anglia TV programme Endangered Skills Campaign. For general enquiries contact Ian Tennant or email For information about other marketing campaigns and initiatives other than this Greeniversity click on the link

To contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing professional click here

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