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Green Marketing Peterborough

Green Marketing Peterborough Seminar 16th May

Many businesses still seem to believe that they either
  1. Wont get any benefit from operating in an ethical, sustainable or green manner
  2. Don’t really believe that the way operate as an organisation will have any impact in the way we live
  3. Can’t understand that a customer might choose a product that purports to doing a greater good as well as providing the product / service that they need
Green Marketing Peterborough

Green Marketing Peterborough Encouraging Companies

As a long standing business development company we have seen many so called initiatives come and go things such as IIP, 5750, etc. All promised much but in many cases failed to deliver a great deal to the business. The significant changes to the global economy and environment over the last few years mean the way that we do we business in the future will be different compared to now. Not because of a scheme but because of the way we are as people.
I believe that ethical, sustainable green trading (whatever label you want to give it) is becoming a more important part in the consumers selection process, whether this is at business or consumer level. Categorically as has always been the case, you have got to give the consumer the product that they want but importantly in the selection process if a product offers a more ethical approach this provides a company with an opportunity to differentiate itself”. Now in the past companies have played at Green – using it as an initiative. Whereas those organisations who will benefit from green marketing will embrace it within their business, community and customers.
To help companies make sure that their marketing isn’t a waste (financially, time wise or environmentally) PECT are running a workshop that will go past green wash marketing initiatives and help companies better understand the importance of green marketing. For more information on Green Marketing Peterborough contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or click here for more marketing information
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