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Green Marketing Avoid Misleading Claims

Green marketing Issues For Consideration

Green Marketing make Sure It’s Not Green Wash

The following are some thoughts that will hopefully help around the difficult but crucial issue of making comments around environmental, sustainable, green credentials

  • Perhaps one of the most important points, clarify what you actually mean by the claim
  • Avoid meaningless terms like ‘environmentally friendly’ or “sustainable solution” unless you can offer quantifiable support to this claim. Rather than being more sustainable it could be that the thing you do is “less unsustainable!)
  • Ensure your claim applies to all parts of the product or service (if it doesn’t specify the parts it does)
Green Marketing

When communicating about your Green product / service

  1. Check the content is relevant and reflects a genuine benefit
    • what are the full impacts of your product
    • is it a fair comparison against other services. E.g The greenest accountants in Peterborough – now that could be because your name is Greenstones accountants but is that a fair comparison
    • You will need evidence. This is where some of the environmental initiatives come into play (We have just gained Environmental accreditation)
  2. Present the claims clearly and accurately
  3. Check the claim can be readily (and easily ) substantiated

Green Marketing Good Practice – in terms of writing copy for a car performance

  • The fuel consumption of this car emits 10% less carbon dioxide per mile than all other cars measured in the large car category

Green Marketing Poor Practice – in terms of writing copy for a car performance

  • The XYZ is greener than competitors, and allows you to drive in a more environmental way
Being honest and realistic in your claims as with most marketing communications would appear to be the sensible approach. If you have a product with green credentials that you would like to promote and position based on its environmental performance then it could be worthwhile to seek professional help. For further information click here Andrew Goode at Blue Dolphin on 01733 361729 or for click here for more green marketing information
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