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A Great New Approach To Business Planning

The problem with business planning

For many companies business planning is seen as a yearly or infrequent activity. Tasked with the challenge of growing the business, contracting the business, looking for diversification opportunities etc the question for the team is “How Do We”. Now hopefully all of the management team will be involved in the planning process and each of these people will have a different approach to engagement, whether it be it kinaesthetic, visual or aural.

Standard business planning decisions

After extensive research (and there has been huge quantities of research conducted on the business planning process) it is suggested that

  • for most businesses approx 85% of the decisions to be made are generic,
  • with only 15% of the decisions being specific to the company,
  • Of these 80 are generic decisions that often need to be made within a business,
  • The business decisions fit within the scope of Operations, People, Finance, Sales & Marketing and Strategy.

Make a Better Decision And Ensure It Happens

Giving the broad scope of trying to grow a business with the 80 generic business decisions to be made how do you make sure that you find the optimum solution to the business decision and importantly make sure that when it is in the plan it actually clomid gets completed.
How many of you have been through the planning process and completed a list of actions only to find that at the end of the year the team have perhaps started on a few but made very little progress on the plan?

A Method To Help Your Company Make Better Business Planning  Decisions

What if

  • There was a unique engaging way of working through the planning decision process through an ‘activity’ decisions that allowed for improved decisions to be made. Overcoming the issues of ‘I hadnt thought of that’
  • Once decisions made, then goals created and tasks assigned
  • A clear business planning action task is created (so if its not in the plan it shouldn’t be completed)
  • A interactive on-line plan was developed as part of the process that clearly identifies
    • Planning actions and accountability
    • Prioritisation of actions
    • Visually where progress is / isn’t being made
    • How to improve the quality of solutions and decisions that you make

A Great New Approach To Business Planning

If you have difficulty with the business planning process and would like to discover more please contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 click here who would be happy to demonstrate this unique business planning tool. Perhaps this might be the opportunity to sort the wheat from the chaff  . To Find out more about planning tools click here

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