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Grain Dryer For Sale – Web Search Criteria

If it has been a particularly wet harvest then the likelihood is demand for a grain dryer for sale will be large.

Alternatively in the event of a long hot summer the number of people looking for a grain dryer for sale is likely to be minimal.

This is a common marketing issue in terms of people actively search for a product or service at the point of needing it.

In this article we will consider various other issues impacting on search

Grain Dryer For Sale – Web Search Criteria

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Grain Dryer For Sale – Context Is Everything

If you are a manufacturer of grain moisture removal systems when do you want your website to rank well in Google for the search term grain dryers for sale. The logical answer is you want to rank number 1 when someone is actively looking to purchase a grain dryer for sale.

By its very specific nature it is unlikely that someone will type in this particular search term unless they were particularly interested in the item. The same could not be applied for the search term “wireless temperature monitoring”. Whilst a very specific search term it could have numerous applications

  • Someone is looking to measure the temperature of their crops whilst in storage
  • A student is looking for information on the technologies available
  • A domestic user is looking to control the heat within their home while they are away

So therefore ranking for this search term whilst it might generate lots of traffic could actually create lots of bounces. So the challenge is to identify the search terms that are on topic (for your industry) and rank at the right time. For grain dryer for sale you want to be ranking number one at harvest time, or monitoring the climatic conditions to see if they will be required at all.

Grain Dryer The Web Search Criteria

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