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Gig Up Peterborough Ultra Fast Broadband

Gig Up Peterborough & Improve Business Internet Performance

As the internet becomes a key driver for business, upload and download speeds become more important in our daily business activities. For those companies in Peterborough who already have fibre optic within our offices (we currently get 80mb download and 25mb upload thanks to BT)  we can already see the importance as an increasing level of digital technology takes place. We have international clients so web based crystal clear conference calls are critical. The ability to send large digital files and HD video files an everyday activity. Unfortunately some areas of Peterborough don’t get this great level of performance and so there are plans currently being marketed as gig up Peterborough to get fast broadband throughout the city.

Gig Up Peterborough Now Is The Time To get Your Website Sorted

On a broader basis though whilst the plan is for every company in the city to have a fast internet connection there is no plan to ensure that every company has a website that is fit for purpose. We recently conducted research on the performance of Peterborough businesses websites and found some shocking findings.
1. Over 70% of the sites reviewed had no pro active data capture mechanism. Whilst we are in the 21st century they were still operating as 20th century business tools.
2. On over 60% of the sites it was incredibly difficult to find the contact details of who to contact (or when you could actually contact them). Communication is a fundamental function of a website so why is it that so many companies have still not considered what is the purpose of their website
3. Less than 10% of the websites had high quality video content that would have helped a visitor better understand the product / service that they were selling and would certainly have helped them differentiate offering

Gig Up Peterborough Ultra Fast Broadband

Gig up Peterborough is a great initiative to improve the connectivity of the city to find out how to improve your digital business strategy then click on gig up Peterborough or click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729

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