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Fork Lift Service Provides

Fork Lift Service Provides Opportunity To Develop Customer Lifetime Value

Fork Lift Customer Touch Points

The world of fork lift service might seem a strange subject for a marketing article but for me this sector typifies an area where marketing can play a significant role. There are three drivers that I have observed that have led me to believe this.

Firstly it appears to be an industry driven by big brands who seem to be adamant they will sell capital equipment at rates that one wouldn’t normally consider to be sustainable.

Secondly its an area where all the brand seem to be incredibly similar. When you look at the advertising or the marketing messages all the fork lift service providers seem to have come out of the same mould.

Thirdly in a vary competitive environment perhaps the opportunity to maximise sales profit after the initial purchase exists. It is this third element I am going to focus on

Fork Lift Service

Fork Lift Service Helping To Develop Future Sales

At the point of initial sale a typical buyer will get a series of manufacturers in to demonstrate their equipment. Now in today’s modern environment the likelihood is that if you have 3 well known fork lift brands all three of them will perform incredibly well. They will all lift, manoeuvre, drive, stop and perform to a suitable basis. The two key drivers that will probably therefore have a significant input into the buying decision will therefore be

  1. Has the purchaser had a good / satisfactory previous brand experience 
  2. Is there a great deal available (price) whether this be a discounted deal, cheap finance or a lease offer

So once the truck deal has been secured at a rock bottom price where is the opportunity to generate profit. Well this is where a fork lift service contract comes into play. It probably hasn’t been negotiated as hard as the forklift purchase! Plus a service contract means that you are going to have lots of opportunities of developing a long term ‘profitable’ relationship with the customer.

Service Provides Customer Touch Points

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