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Flail Toppers How To Select

Flail Toppers Different Types For Different Jobs

Flail Toppers come in a variety of formats Rotary Slasher, Twin Blade, Roller Mower, Tri Blade and also Tri Wing format. Now though you just wanted something to cut that grassland that was more robust than a lawn mower. Is it marketing gone mad or is there really a need for this wide variety of niche machines. Lets consider some of the flail toppers available and see if this product mix is really necessary.

Rotary Slasher Flail Topper (what a great product name)

Rotary slashers offer topping through simple robust technology. The rotary slasher mower is Suitable for grass cutting, sports ground topping and other similar tasks.

  • Typically available in 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m cutting widths with a variable cutting height
  •  Most equipment that is going to be used on rough terrain benefits from puncture proof moulded tail wheel
  •  Rear Flap and Wear skids provide simple operation

Flail Toppers Twin Blade

Twin Blades can come in either in-line or offset format. The Twin Blade grass topper is perfect for paddocks and headlands.

  • Typically available in larger cutting widths 1.8m, 2.4m offset and 2.7m cutting width again with variable cutting height
  • Being larger these units often feature Shaft Drive and Shearbolt and overrun gearbox protection

Flail Toppers Roller Mower

The Roller Mower is a grass topper designed with municipal areas, sports fields and fine turfed areas in mind.

  • Typically available in 1.8m or 2.4m cutting widths. As this equipment may be used on sports fields they are often front and rear height adjustable with anti scalping rollers
  • For operator convenience they feature automatically adjusted side skids and front and rear rubber flaps
  • Overlapping blades ensure optimum grass cutting
  • There size means that often compact tractors over 35hp are required for operation

Tri-Blade mowers

Three sets of heavy duty timed blades ensure strip free cutting, with adjustable cutting height of between 25mm and 225mm which makes them ideal for sports ground and field topping.

  •  Driven through 1000 rpm independent gearbox’s with rubber shaft couplings to offer further protection against debris impact the tri-blade delivers power direct to the blades.
  • Slip clutch protection on each shaft ensures longevity of the independent gearbox’s.
  • 2.75m cutting width and 3.0m transport width
  • Front and rear heavy duty chain guards

Flail Toppers Tri Wing

Tri-Wing mowers, are specifically designed for grass topping in large open spaces, well designed units are designed to ensure debris from cutting does not collect and rot on the machines deck and therefore maximises the working life of the equipment.

  • Typically available in 4.6m & 6m cutting widths
  • Six heavy duty up draft blades with a choice of blade configurations
  • 2.34m and 2.60m transport widths

Flail Toppers In summary

A classic marketing problem of different users having different needs and therefore a wide product range being required even on something as simple as cutting municipal / sports grass. For more information on marketing flail toppers or other agricultural equipment click here. For more information on development marketing strategies contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729

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