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Find Out If Your Website is Failing

Having conducted detailed analysed of numerous websites as part of the business development process we have identified 8 fundamental web mistakes.
These can significantly impact on the performance of your website and its ability to generate leads or make sales. In this article we look at 3 fundamental web mistakes

Website Failure 1 – Great Content Never Seen (below the fold)

How much of your website content is “Above the fold”
The fold should be considered as the red dotted line illustrated. So its the visible content that people can see on their visible screen. When people land a home page or early stage page they are looking to be able to navigate as quickly as possible to the content as is possible. So may not bother scrolling if they don’t see what they are looking for.
Note 1: Once a person gets to the level of specific content that they are looking for then a person will quite often happily scroll as they get more and more information (and don’t want to be navigated away)
Note 2: We can use analytics to identify accurately the level of content and scrolling that takes place on each page

Find Out If Your Website is Failing

Website Failure 2 – Not Mobile Responsive

Is your website designed to provide an optimum experience when viewed on a mobile device. In April Google announced changes whereby it would look favorably at websites that were designed to provide a good experience when viewed on a mobile device

Website Failure 3 – No Call To Action / Datacapture

Many websites just contain passive information with no opportunity for the visitor to interact. Importantly many do not feature any mechanisms / reasons for a visitor to leave their information. If you are lucky enough to get a genuine visitor to your site the likelihood is that they are looking for information. Why not encourgaee them to leave their contact details so that you can contact them . Now to do this you must have Call To Actions or Offers that the visitor views as worthwhile.

Find Out If Your Website is Failing

The next 5 website failings will be featured in our next e mail. If you would like your website reviewing to identify if it could be improved as a lead generation and sales tool. Please call Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or click here. For more information on marketing and websites click here

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