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FB Drop Key – Product Confusion

FB Drop Key provide a great example of how a simple product, can be created into a highly complex purchasing challenge.

How one device can have so many names seems quite incredible, and then how many misinterpretations of the product you can see how bamboozling purchasing a fire brigade drop key can be. 

FB Drop Key

FB Drop Key – variations

A fire brigade drop key is a crucial tool that is used to open security and communal doors where fire brigade access is required either in an emergency or during normal operations. Most Fire Brigade FB Drop key variations can be used to provide access to multi story blocks of apartments or flats where a drop key box has been installed to provide an over ride facility in the case of an emergency or when access is required into the block.

As well as being used by the fire brigade this key is also widely used by council workers, maintenance contractors, locksmiths, other emergency services and postal workers, where once they have used this key to gain access, they can then perform their duties in the block. Importantly this key doesn’t allow access to any of the individual apartments or flats in the block.

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Some of the FB Drop Key variations include

  • Premium quality versions that are high quality and strength and typically machined from brass, making them highly durable, very strong and corrosion resistant
  • Those made from Grade 304 Stainless Steel which are a very Robust and strong version of this product
  • Cheap low quality alloy versions that may be of very dubious quality and unlikely to work if additional force is required
  • Versions that feature a lift access key attachment.

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