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Farmers Buying Group Advantages

For those involved in agricultural activities a farmers buying group can be the perfect format to allow them to make savings on core items that they use on their farm.

Essentially a farmers purchasing group acts as a co-operative whereby members purchasing requirements can be accumulated together and then the group can negotiate a discount against the bulk order volume.

These groups tend to be regionally based to allow savings to be made on distribution and delivery.

Farmers Buying Group Advantages

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Advantages of Farmers Buying Group

Most Farmers purchasimg groups will have a team of experienced and professional buyers whose sole role is to obtain best value for money across a comprehensive range of products and services required for day to day operation of a farm.

Typical goods and services include

  • Fuel – from heating oil through to petrol and diesel
  • Chemicals – where significant savings can be made on bulk volumes
  • Seeds – where they will deal with brand leading suppliers
  • Fertilizer
  • Animal Health being able to offer the wide range of potions and treatments
  • Machinery  – from log splitter’s to augers, chainsaws to grease guns. The range of machinery is often large and provided through specialist suppliers within each category
  • Electricity – one of the core areas where it is possible to make significant savings when buying as a collaborative / co-operative group. Many new members are often astonished at the potential savings available through bulk purchasing this commodity
  • Vehicles – many well known manufacturers will provide discounts on vehicles to members farmers buying groups
  • Building materials from timber to concrete, fencing to roofing.

A buying group will often attend the local (or national) agricultural shows like LAMMA, Cereals, Driffield Great Yorkshire Show, World Ploughing Championships. By attending these events it allows members to meet up and network with other members plus meet with buying group buyers and discuss future / additional procurement need.

Farmers Buying Group Advantages

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